Home Remedies for Acne – Common Myths About Acne

This is an important step to take if we are to develop a complete picture of acne.

Home Remedies for Acne – Common Myths About Acne
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First Myth – You get acne because your face is dirty. 

Have you ever heard that myth? Since acne is caused by clogged pores, some people reason, incorrectly, that the clogs are caused by dirt. In fact, clogs are caused by dead skin cells, which your body keeps producing no matter how much you clean your face. Of course, regular cleaning is great, but not because of dirt.

Second Myth – Only teenagers get acne; just wait and you’ll grow out of the problem.

If you’re a teenager, you may have heard this myth from people who want you to feel better, and in fact, they probably do mean well. But the fact is that you can treat your acne successfully even as a teenager. What’s more, people of all ages commonly develop acne problems. If you’re not a teenager, please don’t tell yourself that anything is wrong with you—it’s perfectly normal.

Myth Number Three – Your acne came from something you ate.

I’m sure that you’ve received a lot of advice from people who tell you to change what you eat—especially oily foods. People tend to imagine that food in your oil turns into oil on your face, but it’s really not true. You need to eat a healthy diet—not too much junk food. But don’t be afraid of oil in your food; your body needs oil in your diet to function properly.

Myth Number Four – Make-up makes your acne get worse.

This is similar to the dirt myth. People think that make-up will clog your pores and cause you to get more acne. But the truth is that most brands of makeup are developed to be safe for acne. Check to make sure that your brand is non-comedogenic; that means its okay to use.

Myth Number Five – Going out in the sun will help treat your acne.

Going out in the sun for extended periods in the hope that it will treat your acne condition is not a good idea. To some extent, a nice tan might reduce the appearance of small pimples and sore areas, so there is a cosmetic effect to consider. However, remember that the sun can be dangerous, and you should be careful. If you get even very slight sunburn, there will be an increased amount of dead skin cells, which may cause extra clogging and more pimples.

Myth Number Six – Acne is exacerbated by too much stress.

This is an interesting myth because it contains a grain of truth. While stress does not actually itself cause acne, extended periods of high-level stress can weaken your body generally, which can cause breakouts.

So that’s it for common myths. Let’s move on to what you’ve been waiting for, treatment of acne. The next article will look at the best ways to treat your acne problem.

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