Causes and Symptoms of Nail Fungus

Nail  Fungal infections are a result of, as indicated by the name, by one of the various kinds of fungus - any of the variety of dermatophytes, candida, and molds. 

Causes and Symptoms of Nail Fungus

The fungus spreads in moisture and dark conditions, and these conditions are commonly known as nail bed, especially on the feet. This is because of shoes that do not provide proper ventilation and secondly, one’s feet are often sweaty due to more sweat gland concentration.

Secondly, the fungus spreads on the floor of the structure attached to the swimming pool, gym, and similar public places. Usually, this results in a toenail fungal infection that is hard to get rid of and can easily spread to others.

How To Identify A Nail Fungus

Foul smell, discoloration of the nail, with occasional burning and itching, and some pain in a few rare cases are some of the more common symptoms of suffering from nail fungus. After a while, the severity and form of symptoms may change. For example, the slight itching may turn into pain. Secondly, the nail may dry out and crumble off. Though these effects can be slowed down through the use of topical lotions. Yet, the symptoms cannot be reversed without removing the fungal nail infection.

Treatment Options

Nail fungus treatment is pretty hard because the root fungus is difficult to reach under the nail for the first-hand action against it. Even the best of the modern treatments must have up to a year for eliminating every symptom associated with a typical nail fungus.

Studies undertaken to determine how effective various treatments are has shown that the current drugs are fairly useless when it comes to treating nail fungus infections. Given this, more research being done for prescription drugs and medication is focused on discovering and applying new agents that exhibit anti-fungal properties that may help eliminate nail fungus quickly.

One can avail home remedies for nail fungus that have been claimed to be very potent at providing a treatment for nail fungus rapidly. Some of the natural treatments commonly used include grape seed extract (usually the oil) and green tea. It should be noted that there is very little evidence that clearly showing these to be effective. In the same breath, there exist natural treatment options which have been shown to treat nail fungus in under 4 weeks!

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