Clean Nicotine Stained Teeth with Home Teeth Whitening

It seems like smokers can't catch an even break anymore. Smoking is allowed in fewer and fewer places. 

Clean Nicotine Stained Teeth with Home Teeth Whitening
Clean Nicotine Stained Teeth with Home Teeth Whitening

It's easy to feel like a second-class citizen when you're huddled behind the building trying to catch a quick smoke on your break. You know the health risks, but you're an adult and there'll be no preaching here. But what about those nicotine stains on your teeth? What can you do about those? Fortunately, there is a wide array of home teeth whitening products available now that could help lessen the appearance of nicotine stains.

There's really no question that tobacco use can be damaging to your dental health. Smokers, as well as users of smokeless tobacco, face increased risks of gum disease and tooth decay. But one of the most noticeable effects of tobacco use is the brown staining that can occur on your teeth. The good news is that nicotine staining usually responds quite well to home tooth whitening. The bad news is that if you want the improvements to last, you need to either stop smoking or repeat the home teeth whitening treatments more often.

Whitening toothpaste is the most basic home tooth whitening products. You're welcome to try them, but chances are you'll need something a little more powerful. Whitening toothpaste contains a gentle abrasive plus some chemical polishing agents. But these home teeth whitening products don't contain any bleach and only work on surface stains. To whiten nicotine-stained teeth, you need something that can penetrate the surface of your enamel.

One option is to use peroxide-based home tooth whitening gel. Normally, you brush the gel onto your teeth twice a day for 14 days. Whitening strips work in a similar way. You apply whitening strips coated with gel and leave them on about 30 minutes at a time. The results from these home teeth whitening products will probably last about four months. If you continue smoking, this time will be reduced.

It's also possible to buy tray-based home tooth whitening solutions at your local pharmacy, grocery store or superstore. These home teeth whitening products use a bite-shaped tray that you fill with the peroxide bleaching agent. Tray-based whiteners will probably be somewhat more effective than gels or strips, but they will also be more expensive.

There is an option where you can do home tooth whitening under the general supervision of your dentist. There are several advantages to this method. First of all, your dentist will make an impression of your bite and create a custom tray for you. Not only will this be more comfortable, it will ensure better contact with your teeth and less contact with your gums. Not only will this make home teeth whitening more comfortable, it will be more effective as well. Your dentist has access to stronger bleaching solutions. He will monitor your treatment for several weeks and help you achieve much greater results than with over-the-counter home tooth whitening products. As you probably realize, this will be a more expensive option. However, the results will last longer.

Regardless of the type of home teeth whitening you choose, it's really important to visit with your dentist before you begin any treatments. Teeth whitening, even home tooth whitening, is not recommended for people who have receding gums, gum disease, cavities or exposed roots. Unfortunately, these negative conditions are often quite common among people who smoke or use smokeless tobacco.

Otherwise, there are very few risks associated with home teeth whitening. There may be some temporary increase in tooth sensitivity. It's also possible that some of the peroxide-based solutions may cause irritation to your gum or other soft tissues of your mouth. If you're using a home tray-based solution, then try shorter sessions. Or you can stop the treatment briefly and give your teeth time to adjust. If you're doing home tooth whitening under a dentist's care, he may recommend a high-fluoride product that will help to re-mineralize your teeth.

Your best option for white teeth, good dental health, and improved overall health would be to stop using tobacco entirely. Even after home teeth whitening, it's only a matter of time before the stains return if you continue to smoke. But if that's your choice, be sure to visit your dentist at least twice the year. And get his opinion on how often home tooth whitening can be done. With the use of today's home teeth whitening products, you're sure to have the brightest smile in the smoking area.

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