Common Cold Treatment, & Remedies

Common cold remedies have been passed on from one generation to another. But are they effective in fighting the common cold? While these common cold remedies actually work, it is better to examine their worthiness as a remedy.

Common Cold Remedies » Allergies or Cold?
Common Cold Remedies » Allergies or Cold?

Throat Lozenges – Since a common symptom of a cold is an itchy throat, throat lozenges are common cold remedies. Throat lozenges may help prevent further itchiness but it does not prevent the common cold. The common cold is a virus.

Vitamin Overdose – Thinking that a person may need vitamins; common cold remedies often involve taking several vitamins in several doses. This is both impractical and dangerous. Some vitamins become toxic when in large doses.

Traditional Chinese Medicine – Although frowned upon by the scientific community, studies have shown that some traditional Chinese medicine used in common cold remedies actually help improve immunity and help in early recovery.

Vitamin C – The most controversial of all common cold remedies is taking an overdose of vitamin C, around 1,000 mg. However, studies have shown it does not prevent the common cold. Recovery in some patients, however, was faster with vitamin C.

Honey – While honey is added to food and drink and is described as a cure for almost anything, the best thing that honey can do is improve certain aspects in the body but not cure a common cold.

Eucalyptus Steam Inhalation – This is very helpful to take away the inconvenience of clogged nose and difficulty in breathing. But common cold remedies, like this one, do not really cure a cold.

Massage With Menthol Based Rubs – Massaging improves circulation and bring relief to tired muscles. This is not a cure but will greatly help in allowing the body to recover faster.

Common cold remedies help, but the common cold is a virus. It may start and progress but it is self-limiting. The most important thing to do is to prevent any complication that might arise. Consult a health professional if you are unsure about your cold remedy.

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